• Chemical Substances

    - Chemical Consulting: Regulatory Affairs, Risk Assessment, Emission Management, etc
    - Chemical Lifecycle Management: Integrate Solution from Procurement to Waste Disposal
    - Manufacture·Distribution of Green Chemical Products & Consulting Services
      for Substitute Chemicals

  • Communication Devices

    Display Dongle, Dummy Pad, Smart Mirror 8, ANT'S,
    Smart TV HDMI Dongle, Smart Phone Accessories

  • Medical Devices

    Outstanding Cleaning Devices for Medical Instruments
    MU-5100(small capacity), MU-5200(medium capacity), MU-5300(large capacity),
    and MU-20(Dental Clinic)

What's new

  • 2012.10 Participated "KICHME 2012"
  • 2012.06 Participated "Medical Device exhibition"
  • 2012.01 Established subsidiary company "TGIsys Inc."
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