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What is Titanium dioxide(TiO₂)?

TiO₂ is a white inorganic substance that is classified as non-flammable and non-hazardous according to GHS. Photocatalytic TiO₂ is used for advanced Photovoltaic materials and dissolving organic materials. Also, it is used as a white pigment in various areas(paints, pigments, plastics, papers, cosmetics, etc).

Since Rutile TiO₂ has a better hiding power and weatherproof than Anatase-types, this is used when needs of high-quality production.

Our TiO₂ is sulphate-processed micro Rutile that its surface is organically coated in accordance with end use.
Especially recommended     Recommended
Fields of application RC 82 RC 823 RC 833 RC 813 RC 84 RC 86 RC 827
Paints and Coatings Dispersion paints
Wallpaper coatings
High gloss dispersions
Silicon paints
Silicate paints and plasters
Plaster paints
Plaster paints based on synthetic resins
Mastics and sealants
Road marking paints
Coatings Industrial and decorative coatings (water and solvent base)
Domestic appliance finishes
Package lacquers
Radiator paints
Powder Coatings Interior
Plastics PVC-hard interior
Paper Carton-paper coatings
Coloured decorative papers
Enamel - Ceramics Electrodes
Other Applications Levelling products
White concrete
Printing inks
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