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We supply outstanding cleaning devices for medical instruments to
domestic/international medical institutes.

Large Capacity + Jet Washing + Ultrasonic Cleaning Device(2400W)
New features with safeness, user-friendly, eco-friendly, and energy saving

  • Clean large loads with Large Capacity (501L) Washer
  • Ultrapower & Ultrasonic Cleaning (2400W)
  • Pass Through Type distinctly segregates the soiled and clean areas that prevents from Hospital Infection
Type Ultrasonic Cleaning Basket Storage Capacity Door OPEN/CLOSE Door Type High Speed Unit High Speed Unit + Drying Unit
Large Capacity All Level
(5-level racks)
Medium 15pieces Automatic Pass Through

MU-5300 상품이미지

High temperature disinfection, Powerful Jet Washing + Ultrasonic Dual Cleaning

  • Contaminants are cleaned with detergent from rotating spray nozzles.
  • All racks and 3 liquid levels (low/intermediate/high) are selectable for ultrasonic cleaning
  • High temperature disinfection (93℃ )

Large Capacity

Maximum 15 baskets (Standard size) can be loaded with 5-level rack.

Precise Cleaning with Four Rotating spray nozzles at each level of the rack

Detergents are sprayed thoroughly with four rotating nozzles at each level that it reduces dead area and cleans precisely.

Healthy Environment

Plasmacluster Ion Generator, an air purifier with high reputation all over the world, is built in as a standard feature to give clean and healthy working environment. *Plasmacluster is a registered trademark or a trademark of Sharp Corporation.

Finger touch panel

Operation or setting parameters can be done while viewing the panel.

Enable to check the whole washing process

  • For safety, abnormal condition is alarmed by a buzzer sound, and the operation is automatically stopped.
  • Built-in LED Chamber Light
  • Larger Window for verifying the status
  • High Speed Unit (Option): fast cleaning time (Total wash cycle: about 50 min.)
  • Drying Unit (Option): Combination of High speed unit and drying unit for faster cleaning process
  • Pass through(Door Type) : distinctly segregates the soiled and clean areas.


Dimensions (mm) W1,200×D1,000×H2,200 (H2,255 with a door open)
Weight (kg) 765 (884 when operating)
Required equipment Power supply 3-phase 220V, 17kVA (min. 50A breaker) Rated capacity: 10 KVA
Water supply 20A piping (SGP with a stop valve) 0.1~0.2 MPa (1~2 kgf/cm2) 30 L/minute or more
Hot water supply 20A piping (SGP with a stop valve) 0.1~0.2 MPa (1~2 kgf/cm2) 30 L/minute or more
Pure water (Option) 20A piping (SUS with a stop valve) 0.1~0.2 MPa (1~2 kgf/cm2) 30 L/minute or more
Steam supply 20A piping (STGP with a stop valve) 0.2~0.4 MPa
Steam Exhaust 20A piping (STGP) No backing pressure
Drainage 40A piping (SGP) natural drainage, 60L/minute or more, No backing pressure (Drainage temperature is typically around 40℃ but can temporarily rise upto 93℃)
Exhaust diameter: 150 mm, vent pipe needed for absorption more than 3~5 m3/min.
Operation/Monitor display LCD control terminal (TFT color LCD)
Cleaning end display Buzzer and blinking Finished message
Tank Material Stainless steel: SUS304
Shower pump 1.5 kW×2
Cleaning operation 20 programs can be preset
Cleaning mode Pre-Cleaning→Cleaning→High-temp Cleaning→Ultrasonic Cleaning→Rinsing→High-temperature disinfection→Antirust Lubrication→Drying (Single operation of each process can be set)
Water used cold water, warm water, pure water
Operation Water Temperature Room Temperature~40℃(disinfection process:93℃)
Applicable Detergent SHARP exclusive detergent: M-700 L, M-580 L
Detergent Dosing Automatic (concentration: 0.5%)
antirust lubricant Dosing Automatic (concentration: 1%)
High frequency output Max. 2400W /40 KHz (fixed volt vibrator)
Usable basket (mm) W520×D255×H50 (5-level rack:15 baskets)
Contact Information : Lee, Won-Jong Senior Manager, System Business Team 82-2-833-2521 (Ext. 291)email